Monday, December 14, 2009

Computer Crashes Experience

Whats up everybody,a few times i had computer crashing.Some of the times i never scan my computer for virus,spyware,cookies(which is not a real problem that doesn't mess your computer up)Infections and other types.So times they warn me but something crazy happen it may have happen to you,i was on my computer one day and some program jump on my computer call security tools with is supposedly be a spyware virus remover .It had constantly had pop-ups and it was saying that your computer in danger and it may cause slowness,crash,internet connection problems.Then it ran a scan it self and within 10 seconds it said that i had 6 spy wares (that i can remember), 15 infections and etc.. on that quick.So i click on the button that it said it would take them off for me then it read,"fill out the form'(not actually like that but something like it) and buy the remover which was around 80 dollars. I said to myself that can't be true because it takes longer to scan a computer and find results like that.So I use the scanner i had and it said i had no problems but that program kept popping up saying i do.So what i did,i look up security tools in the google search engine and the first result i seen was security tools a scam.I was going to type security tool scam but i thought to my self if i type security tools,i would want to see how fast it would say security tool is a scam if u know what i mean.It had alot a pages saying it was a scam.Its a program that makes you think you have something wrong with your computer when it really ain't all that.1 spyware it self is real bad if you now what that is.Its a thing where somebody gets your info and try to steal it bacause they spy u out.The ways they spy u out is when u join a whole bunch of sites where u give them info like your email.They catch on when u keep doing stuff like that especially them scam sites.That program was it self was starting to mess my computer up and started to get froze.I couldn't get that program with nothing i had.So i went to this computer place and i told them about it.They said they had the same problem with other people and they had a line of computers to get fix.I ask them how much does it cost to get it off and how to stop the program from coming back.They said it aint nothing u can do about it coming back because it taking over the internet for some people and it will cost 80 dollars to remove it.In my head i was thinking that the same thing it would cost to get it remove by the "scammer",Security tools.I know that security tools was gone to come back even if i paid to get the virus remover because they a scam.The same with the computer place bacause when it happens im goning to go back every either way paying over and over for nothing.I was frustrated because of it.I told the computer place that i dont have the money to pay them.It was on a tuesday and i ask them could i leave my computer with them until Friday and they said they didnt want to because of responsibilty i guess,they did not say why.They told me to bring it back friday.On my way back home from there,i thought to myself that i was going to try to take it off myself because i know there is some way i can take it off.I went on the computer while is was mess up and research about removing that program.Luckily I found the right thing to remove it and it was malware removal.I download the free version of of it and got it off like in 10 seconds.I was glad,i would have been paying all that for nothing.After them people said i can't get it off.Thanks to malware remover i took it off.Thats crazy.I want to let ever know about malware because it works.Thats the purpose of this article. They also have a spyware mover called noadware